“DenissKa Fund”


Long time ago, somewhere in 2012 I have started my own fund. “DenissKa Fund” was made to help some children and to make them happier. Sometimes their lives aren’t good, fun and happy as they should be. Parents are not usually a nice persons, sometimes they die accidentally or some other bad thing happen. Kids can’t control that, and if a bad thing happens, they just can’t change it…

One kid have everything – a lovely parents, beautiful house, modern gadgets, fashionable cloth, etc…but from the other side of the “street” there is another kid, who just dream about some cloth, some gadget, but the biggest thing that’s missed is love (parent’s love) That’s why we are here. To share our love, fluids and money to add extra colors to the kids lives, who are in need.


Some time ago my fund made (I really hope so) one kid happier. His name is Vadim. He is just 13 years old and his live made a wrong turn. But there is still great people around, who are helping. My fund just bought him some cloth, and now he looks excellent, and I hope he will grab a lot of chicks soon 🙂 oh, sorry, he will soon find the one and only girl, his love 🙂

Let’s make good things more often. It’s great and it adds extra points to our karma.


Deniss Karpak

“DenissKa Fund”

author: Deniss Karpak


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